French Alps Food

Frensh Alps Food

The folks of the Hautes-Alpes happen to be living off the land here for decades. A combination of wild flowers, plants and berries, the manufacture of local farmers and a few creative cooking has evolved across the centuries and voila a selection of badly delicious dishes entirely unique to the area – a’must’ for food fans to test !

Materials Growing In The Hills

Mushroom picking is a nationwide pass-time in France and on a bright afternoon, the day following a huge rain in fall, you will realize the world and his dog from the fields picking wild mushrooms! If you want to find out about mushrooms and create your very own wild mushroom risotto, then inform us when you make your reservation and we are going to organize a day using a mushroom manual! On a similar vein, the spring season this is excellent for all of the new spring greens, shoots and buds. And should you run in the summertime, wild berries and raspberries are discovered in the forests everywhere. And today… a justification of a few the specialities the natives have generated over time…


Tourtons are little squares of fine pastry, stuffed with a cheese, onion and cheese puree and fried. They are typically served as a beginner with a green salad as a main course with beef. For tourtons lovers, additionally, there are apple tourtons and prune tourtons that are fantastic for dessert!

Ravioles and Oreilles d’âne

This is a traditional dish in the Valgaudemar valley. Its title “Oreilles d’âne” (Donkey Ears) comes in the primary ingredient, wild salmon, which can be collected when its dimensions and form resemble that of a donkey’s ear! Ravioles are a cheese and cheese mixture, wrapped into small ‘quenelles’ (somewhat like dumplings) and then fried or baked.

Mountain honey

The differences in elevation, the 300 days of sun and the selection of unique habitats, from soft areas and hedgerows to steep mountain areas, contribute to numerous unique species of flowers. The bee keepers create rhododendron, clover and wild lavender honey among others. You can Locate Them under the tag “miel de montagne” (mountain honey).


The first tarts could have been created with nice pastry full of prunes and may be either covered or open. Nowadays it’s possible to discover blueberry, raspberry, apricot and a number of different veggies to gratify with!

Cold hams and meat

On a conventional menu you’ll get a choice of raw hams accompanying your tourtons. All of these are locally created from animals reared in the mountains. The saucisson (dry sausage) is especially yummy!

Dairy products

It’s possible to taste the rich pastures of the hills in most of the local dairy goods. Try out the cheese produced from a mix of 3 milks (goat, sheep and cow), the blue cakes along with the cheese and milk established desserts – of that there are lots!


All these tiny orange berries as well as their parent blossom tree are located on the mountain areas of the hills. They’re exceptionally full of vitamins (vitamin C especially but a, E and B) likely as a consequence of the powerful sun and elevation. Nowadays you are able to taste argousier for a juice, a cordial, a dip, or you may just select off them off the shrubs. All completely natural and organic!


If it concerns the most French of beverages, the Hautes-Alpes aren’t Burgundy. However, it is now a more prevalent trend from the last decades, and you’ll now find wineries making an adequate wine (white, red and rosé) just south of the primary town, Gap. The “Tresbaudon” and “Allemand” property specifically, at the Durance Valley from the town of Tallard, are creating wines which keep getting better by the year. We are pleased to arrange a tasting to you in either one of these blessings if you are a wine enthusiast trying to find the upcoming big thing!

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