Things to Do in the French Alps if You Don’t Like Skiing

Things to Do in the French Alps if You Don't Like Skiing

A fan of France, refreshing mountain air, scenic winter landscapes but maybe not overly excited about the ski part? No issue. There are numerous things that you can do at the French Alps which do not involve really putting on a set of skis. Be inspired by these thoughts, from complete comfort, authentic shopping to additional winter sports.

Treat yourself to a thermal pool and spa day

You feel as if you’re on vacation… Many hotels have indoor spa amenities, but if yours does not, there is guaranteed to be someplace to go nearby. What can be more lavish than relaxing in outside, with snow all around you? Les Grands Bains du Monêtier only north of Briançon from the Alps, is a favorite place, with fantastic amenities and amazing views.

Try snowshoeing, snowboarding or sledging

Skiing is not the only game in the city. If you are eager to fulfill your days out or around the slopes (in order you feel as if you truly deserve the après-ski) but ski is not for you, then put in contact with the chalet or hotel where you are staying beforehand to learn what other actions are readily available. Snowshoeing, by way of instance, is the best action if you would like to escape on the hills in a more leisurely fashion. Many hotels will hire out sticks, snowshoes and maps of all great trails.

Wander the Christmas markets

If you are seeing the French Alps at the run up to the festive period, a Christmas market see is crucial. Request the hotel where you are based to get a listing of the nearest ones. The ski resort of Courchevel is famous because of its Christmas market, as is Megève, even though there’ll be a lot of different choices.

Visit Grotte de Glace

To get to the cave, then take the train into Montenvers in the centre of Chamonix, completing the trip in a little cable car in the train station on the Mer de Glace. The cave must be changed annually on account of the arctic shifts and the entire experience is fairly forgettable.

Indulge in tasty French food

Who wants skiing when you are in France and surrounded with all of the yummy dishes that go with this? You’ve got canteen-style meals in your hotel, but ensure that you spend the evenings researching nearby corners of the local villages and cities for exceptional brasseries and restaurants. No matter the choices, such as a glass of red and some thing with cheese means you can not fail!

Snap some pictures

The French Alps can not be defeated for photography. If you are more artistic and not as sporty, simply because everybody else is skiing about you does not mean that you can not research the landscape from a photography perspective. Many hotels provide guided walks in which you are going to be accepted to the very exquisite spots concerning plant and views.

Explore villages nearby

Simply because there’s snow, which does not mean exploring is the cards off. Based on where you base yourself at the Alps, strategy several nearby towns and cities to see. You are going to get more of a flavor of the local method of life from hotels, and take advantage of local festivals and events. The cities of Chambéry and Annecy are especially beautiful, whatever season.

Grab a cable car

Who does not enjoy a cable car ride? If you are staying in Grenoble, then you’ve got to have a ride onto the Grenoble-Bastille cable automobile known as Les bulles by natives, which joins the middle of Grenoble into an older fortress, ‘Bastille’. The views are simply magnificent looking back on the city. Rise up the hills more by simply grabbing the Aiguille du Midi, the greatest cable-car travel from Chamonix around a dizzying height of 3,842 metres.

Contain a Grenoble escape

If you would like to be at the French Alps but ski does not excite you, then what about a city break? Choose an urban foundation and head out to the hills for excursions. Grenoble, frequently referred to as the ‘Capital of the Alps’, is a university community and a buzzing foundation from which to delve into the Arabian scenery.

Relax with a hot mug and the views

Eventually (like a justification is required) simply sit back and unwind. Take from the huge arenas, the fresh air, sunlight bouncing off the mountain peaks. If you have been meaning to see this publication, write this letter or create some strategies, this is the moment. Pour yourself a cup of your favorite tipple and take in the scene, waiting for everyone else to complete their day ski.

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